Haven Power

Helpful Hints

  • When the power goes off, switch off electric heaters and cookers to avoid a fire risk when the power is restored.
  • If you leave a light switched on when the electricity goes off, then you will know when your supply has been restored.
  • It  is always best to switch off and unplug equipment including satellite  receivers, video and DVD recorders, televisions, and computer equipment  etc. but leave a light on to show when the power is restored. It may  help if you can turn off your central heating time switch while the  electricity supply is off.
  • Fill a vacuum flask with hot water  boiled in the kettle and recharge mobile phones and rechargeable  batteries for torches before the supply goes off.
  • Cordless phones don't work without electricity, so always keep a normal basic BT telephone in case of emergencies.
  • Keep  fridge and freezer doors closed. Contents should be safe for many hours  but if in any doubt, dispose of the food if it appears to have  defrosted.
  • Check on elderly or infirm neighbours and make them aware of the electricity supply interruption situation.
  • To  keep warm, stay in one room or even in bed and remember gas and oil  central heating boilers generally won't work without electricity to  power their pumps and fans.
  • When using an alternative form of  heating or lighting - use it safely. Never use equipment which is  designed for outdoor use indoors.
  • Listen out for information on local radio – use your car radio if you don't have a battery radio.
  • It may be necessary to adjust time switches and clocks when your power returns.
  • Back up your computer work before the power is expected to go off.
  • A battery back up alarm clock may be of use for any overnight or early morning power interruptions.
  • Never  connect a generator to your mains supply, unless it has been installed  by a competent electrician. Many generators for personal use can be  damaging to sensitive electronic equipment.