Sourcing our power

Like other suppliers of electricity Haven Power sources the power required to meet its customers demand through contracts with generators and purchases from the wholesale market.

With the increasing awareness of impact on the environment we are actively working to offer customers greater choice by extending the range of sources from which we buy the electricity that we sell.

We are able, for example, to help those customers who are concerned about, and are endeavouring to reduce, the environmental impact of their business by providing Climate Change Levy (CCL) exempt electricity. To avoid paying CCL, businesses can request power that is accredited by Levy Exemption Certificates (LECs).

Haven Power has access to supplies of such electricity through its parent company, Drax Power.

Haven Power publishes a breakdown of the fuel mix used to generate all the electricity it supplies. This is produced on an annual basis in accordance with the terms of Haven Power's Electricity Supply Licence and the relevant Regulations.

Customers who purchase Climate Change Levy exempt electricity are provided with the appropriate documentation.

Need more help?

Contact your customer service advisor or call/email us:
Tel: 01473 725943

The customer has one point of contact on a direct telephone number of direct email and the account manager is responsible for everything to do with that account. There's no call centre or call centre equipment. Customers deal with the same knowledgeable person every time and that way issues are resolved much quicker and there's a much better customer experience.

Natalie Keogh - Operations director

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