UK presses on with climate action

Climate change secretary Chris Huhne addressed his international counterparts on Monday 5 December at the start of the second week of the UN climate conference in Durban. He noted the UK has an objective to establish a "legally-binding global deal" and said only a comprehensive agreement will provide certainty for businesses and investors. Huhne said the UK wants major economies to commit to a comprehensive global legal framework, but noted this may not be achieved at this year's conference.
Huhne also announced the results of a study completed by the UK's Met Office Hadley Centre highlighting the changes the world will face if it fails to limit global temperature change. The assessment of 24 countries found that all had experienced warming since the 1960s, with an increase in the occurrence of extremely warm periods. The study noted that if emissions are left unchecked temperatures would rise generally between 3ºC and 5°C this century, putting an estimated 49mn people at risk.
On the following day the Government revealed it has allocated more than two-thirds of its Fast Start Finance to new projects to help developing countries adapt to climate change. The UK pledged £1.5bn towards the total of $30bn (approximately £19.2bn) of funding to help vulnerable counties adapt to global warming impacts. Huhne said the funding shows the coalition's commitment to be the "greenest government ever".
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