Huhne urges remaining big energy players to follow recent prices reductions

Energy and climate change secretary Chris Huhne welcomed EDF Energy's announcement to reduce domestic gas prices on Wednesday 11 January. He said: "Big energy suppliers were quick to pass on rising costs last year, and it is only right that they should now pass on cost reductions to hard-pressed householders as quickly as possible". Huhne urged the remaining five Big Six energy suppliers to follow suit and urged consumers to vote with their feet if price reductions are not seen.
Consumer Focus responded on the same day to the EDF Energy announcement by saying the move was "overdue but nonetheless welcome". Director of policy and external affairs Adam Scorer said: "The cut is not enormous given the scale of increases last year, but it creates some important momentum in the market". He added that the fundamentals of the wholesale prices have "clearly" changed in the energy market and he urged other energy retailers to respond.
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