Haven Power

Haven Power 'Maths in the Real World'

Haven Power 'Maths in the Real World'


Last week Haven Power’s Matthew Williamson and Jake Miller visited a local Primary School to talk to the children about ‘Maths in the Real World’. Both members of the Power Purchasing team took the opportunity to speak to year groups five and six at Halifax Primary School about how maths is applied in everyday life and how it was intrinsic to their job roles at Haven.

Jonathan Kini, Haven Power CEO commented on the day:

 “We love to engage with the local community and it’s always rewarding to receive such an enthusiastic response from the children. Much of the work we do here at Haven really does rely on fundamental maths skills so it’s great to visit local schools and show children real life examples for what they’re learning in the classroom.”

During the sessions, time was spent introducing Haven Power and its role in the community followed by a discussion with the children about how electricity is used in everyday life when turning on the lights, watching television and playing on games consoles. 

Using everyday examples of how electricity is used enabled Matthew and Jake to elaborate on what can affect energy usage including things like the season of the year, the time of day or during school holidays and weekends. 

The session concluded with Matthew and Jake explaining the important connection between mathematics and electricity and how this connection impacts their roles at Haven.

The pupils clearly took a lot from the sessions and it showed from their participation in the closing team exercise. The children were tasked with working together to use maths tools such as ‘BIDMAS’ to solve electricity-related problems. The children were eager to show off their learnings from the sessions and excelled at the tasks in hand.

Haven Power is looking forward to supporting more good causes in the local community throughout 2016.