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Haven Sponsors TELCA Consumer Champion Award

Haven Sponsors TELCA Consumer Champion Award

In 2016, Haven Power is once again sponsoring the consumer champion award at the TELCAS.

Being a consumer champion is at the heart of what Haven Power do. Our business revolves around the customer, and it is great to be able to encourage and recognise the great work that consultants in the industry are doing to put their customers’ first.

The consumer champion award is an endorsement of the great customer focussed work that consultants are doing in the market. Haven wants to work with consultants that place customers at the centre of their business, and there are many of them doing a fantastic job in that regard.

To be a consumer champion, your business must provide what the customer wants in a professional, open and honest way. It’s about listening to them, understanding their needs, trying to be easy and effective to work with – just as Haven strives to do with all of the consultants we work with.

Are you fighting for the rights of your clients? Are you standing up for businesses? To prove why you should win the title of consumer champion 2016, visit the Energy Live News website and enter your submission.