4 certainties in uncertain times

With Brexit still very close (at the time of publishing!) and the generally upward trend in energy market prices during 2018, having some certainty for your business would be welcome, right?

So how good would it feel to be sure of four things beyond March 29th? Find out, by reading on:

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By choosing one of our fixed rate electricity contracts (lasting up to three years) before the Brexit deadline, you’ll reduce your vulnerability to unexpected price-hikes.

But remember - the price you pay for Third Party Costs (TPCs - here’s our “ABC Guide”) will vary according to the terms of your contract.

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If your supplier goes out of business, you could be left powerless - in every sense. So perhaps it’d be better to select a more secure supplier?

As part of Drax Group, owner of the UK’s biggest power station, you can be sure we’re sticking around.

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While stability of supply is important, and excellent customer service a given, we go further.

Our Energy Services team can help you optimise your energy use, reduce your carbon emissions and earn additional income. We'll help you move towards innovative solutions and a new energy future.



We supply renewable electricity as standard - at no extra cost.

Sustainability consultancy EcoAct independently verifies the renewable electricity that we supply - at no extra cost - as standard. You may be able to report your emissions from electricity consumption as zero under Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol scope 2.

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