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BEIS reports small scale installations driving new solar development

Provisional BEIS statistics have shown, as of the end of April 2017, overall UK solar PV capacity stood at 12,098MW across 913,669 installations.

Released on Thursday 25 May, the figures showed an increase of 7% (792MW) compared to April 2016.  In April 2017, at this point, 9MW (2,372 installations) of solar PV capacity is confirmed as having been deployed throughout the month, with the main drivers (56% of capacity) being small 0 to ≤4 kW schemes in GB and Northern Ireland.

To date, 47% (5,718MW) of total installed solar PV capacity comes from large scale installations greater than 5MW, with 21% (2,486MW) coming from small scale 0 to ≤4 kW installations.


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