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Bespoke energy solutions tailored to I&C market

As a well-established energy partner to industrial and commercial (I&C) organisations like yours, we understand that power usage and efficiency – and cutting carbon emissions – are important considerations for your business.

We also know that, in the past few years, there have been countless false dawns. Energy suppliers have offered to help I&C companies to save money and cut their carbon output by improving their energy efficiency. However, the market remains dominated by complexity and inertia – in contrast to other industries that are integral to operational success.

For example, it’s possible to specify the features of your fleet of cars or computers, and to modify business services – such as banking – at the touch of a button. So isn’t it time you were able to find the same sort of flexible, tailor-made approach for your energy too?

Well, the good news is… now you can.

Individual solutions, not off-the-shelf products

Haven Power is taking a fresh approach in the I&C sector, as our Chief Operating Officer, Paul Sheffield, explains: “Building on Haven’s reputation for service excellence, our I&C teams focus on the individual needs of each customer. We’re so committed to making a real difference for customers that we are offering free energy efficiency consultancy to discover how each one can improve usage and reduce expenditure.”

“It is reasonable for a customer to target savings up to 25% on their fuel bills,” he continues, “and reduce their carbon emissions accordingly. That’s going to make a big difference for some businesses, but they can only achieve those savings if they know what they can do, specifically for their business, to reduce bills and carbon emissions.

“Everything we do here is about helping make power work for you.”

Paul Sheffield, Chief Operating Officer, Haven Power

Haven Power also partners with individual I&C customers in design workshops to create tailored products and services. Working alongside colleagues from parent company Drax Power, Haven’s I&C specialists discuss operational processes and energy requirements, and agree a bespoke solution that precisely matches your needs.

“There’s a huge difference between how you achieve energy efficiency in a set of factories compared to if you run a number of offices, or if you have a large retail network to support” says Paul Sheffield. “To find out exactly how we can help our customers, we need to get our experts on the ground working with them to really get to know their business.”

Haven Power will even tailor the charging structure to suit a particular business, says Paul Sheffield: “We know that it can sometimes be difficult for businesses to make changes, that’s why we’re happy to help customers spread the cost via their energy bill.”

From product design to charging structures, when it comes to supplying energy to I&C customers, “business as usual” is becoming a thing of the past at Haven Power.

If you’re an I&C business looking for a bespoke energy solution, speak to one of our energy experts today and request a quote.

Everything we do here is about helping make power work for you.

Paul Sheffield, Chief Operating Officer, Haven Power

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