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Did you know you could make money from energy?

A growing number of UK businesses are enjoying the benefits of bespoke energy solutions resulting from Accelerator Workshops.

When it comes to finding the right energy solutions for your business, the first thing you need to do is work out the issues you’re trying to solve. Each business has different targets, from self-generation and energy earning to site resilience and risk management.

That’s one of the key learnings of the commercial and technical team behind Haven Power’s Accelerator Workshops. The energy supplier developed these workshops to help more businesses benefit from genuinely bespoke solutions that suit their individual needs.

David Mvula, Energy Services Solutions Manager at Haven Power, says: “At the most basic level, our workshops help a business to establish its key energy needs and ambitions, so that we can find a bespoke solution to achieve those goals. We host workshops away from the business premises, for a minimum of half a day. This means that everyone involved has the time and space to focus, without the distraction of their day-to-day work. It takes clear heads and clear diaries to shape the energy future of any business.”

Generally, representatives from the company’s finance and sustainability teams will attend the workshop alongside Haven Power’s Energy Services department. This includes technical experts from the Research and Innovation team at parent company Drax Group.

The workshop draws on the collective experience and expertise of everyone in the room to analyse the information available about the company’s energy requirements. This will also include discussions about the organisation’s commercial goals, sustainability targets and future strategy.

David continued, “While learning more about a business’ operations and energy usage, we’ll share relevant insights about trends in the market and the latest research and technology developments.”

“Then after considering an organisation’s energy strategy, its implementation, and its effectiveness in delivering objectives, we’ll work with them to develop tailored solutions to unlock the value within their business.”

Following the workshop, the Haven Power team will submit an Energy Innovations report summarising their recommendations to help inform the decision-making process.

There are no off-the-shelf solutions in the report – which is dedicated to addressing the company’s energy needs. The suggestions may range from Biomass Combined Heat and Power through to battery storage and many other Energy Services.

The Haven Power team can also provide support if there’s likely to be ‘cultural resistance’ to the proposals, as David explains: “Some people within a company that’s setting new sustainability goals will feel it’s very challenging. That’s because it often involves a shift in the way they use electricity on-site, and this may mean changes in behaviour. “

“Our Accelerator Workshops can identify whether the company is likely to encounter this kind of resistance – and, if so, help to develop a strategy that will overcome it.”

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"At the most basic level, our workshops help a business to establish its key energy needs and ambitions, so that we can find a bespoke solution to achieve those goals"

David Mvula, Energy Services Solutions Manager at Haven Power

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