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Drax plans to secure biomass supply chain

The operator of the UK’s largest power station Drax has announced plans to build five biomass pelleting plants around the world, according to media reports on Monday 27 February. In its recently issued financial results the company reported that Drax burned 1.3mn tonnes of biomass in 2011, or 95% of its total fuel requirements.

The company also announced it is cancelling its plan to build a dedicated biomass station and instead it will convert its coal-fired power station to burn mainly biomass. The company is planning to invest £150mn-£200mn to secure its biomass supply chain. The company already has a biomass pelleting plant in Goole, which sources straw from a 50 mile radius and can supply Drax with 100,000 tonnes of biomass annually. Production director Peter Emery said the company is looking at constructing “three to five pelleting plants in locations such as South America, the United States and Canada” and he added talks are underway with various UK ports about shipping links.

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