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EMR costs explained

What is EMR?

It’s going to help make sure lights stay on at times of peak demand and to make sure the programmes are affordable for consumers. There are a number of components to EMR, two of the most important and those that will affect customers directly are:

  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
  • The Capacity Market (CM)

Contracts for difference or CFDs provide stable revenue streams for low carbon generators. They’ve been introduced to replace the government’s current renewables obligation scheme which will be phased out for new participants from March 2017.

The capacity market has been part of the governments EMR programme. It’s designed to make sure there’s enough capacity available to meet the peak electricity demand.

Both generators and large customers can participate either to provide generation capacity or to reduce their demand at times of peak system stress. In return for either generating or reducing their when needed, the generator or the large customer will receive a payment.


Changes to Half Hourly Contracts

Operations at Haven Power are responsible for the day-to-day care of customers, from timely invoicing, collecting cash or dealing with any queries. Customers for half hourly contracts will see four new lines on their invoices; these will be at the bottom of their invoices under the taxes, levies and other statutory obligations section. They appear as follows, CFD operational levy, CFD interim rate levy, CM settlement costs levy and CM levy.


Changes to Non-Half Hourly Contract

For our non-half-hourly customers, we’re looking to simplify the EMR charges into one straightforward line.  We’re going to call this the EMR levy and it will comprise the two administrative fees; CFD and CM, as well as including supplier obligations and the cost of those schemes. For CFD that will be the top up payment and for CM it will be the cost of providing the capacity.

For non-half-hourly customers they will see an additional one new line on their bill. This will be at the bottom of their invoices under the taxes, levies and other statutory obligations section. This will be labelled EMR levy.


Changes to Haven Complete

EMR legislation affects all customers therefore, Haven Power have developed a new product called Haven Complete. This product fully fixes the energy and non-energy costs of your contract and is available on 12, 24 and 36 month terms. Customers who choose Haven Complete will also see no additional charges on their bills.


For more information visit our EMR customer information area.


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