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Make renewable energy work for you

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Move to a 100% renewable future

  • Move to a 100% renewable future

    We believe being more sustainable is not only good for the planet – it’s good for business. Our power is 100% renewable, responsibly-sourced, sustainable biomass electricity, which produces 86% less carbon than coal-generated energy. Yet it costs no more than conventional power. Moving towards an environmentally-responsible future has never been easier.

Choose the right plan

Every business is different. That’s why we work with you to find a renewable energy plan that supports your priorities. Fixed Plans allow you to focus on running your business and give you predictable energy pricing. Flex Plans allow you to watch the market and control when you buy your electricity.


ICON BLUE ICON CostSimplicity

Cost simplicity

You prefer to secure your prices up-front and don’t want to have to constantly think about energy costs.


Low risk

You want to manage your budget efficiently and avoid the risk of buying energy at the wrong time.


The right use of your time

You want to spend time running your business, not monitoring energy price movements.

ICON BLUE ICON LowerEnergyConsumption

Lower energy consumption

If your business uses less than 2GWh, you’re unlikely to save money tracking the market.

Fixed Plans are more simple, so you can apply for a quote online.



Cost control

As prices rise and fall, you want to control when you buy power to manage market fluctuations.

ICON BLUE ICON WholesaleGain

Wholesale energy

You want to dedicate resources tracking the market and take advantage of wholesale price movements.


The right team

You want exclusive access to market data and support from our dedicated Flex traders.

ICON BLUE ICON HigherEnergyConsumption

Higher energy consumption

If your business uses more than 2GWh, you could mitigate risk and make savings tracking the market.

Flex Plans are highly-customisable, so call us to discuss your needs.


Energy brokers

  • Energy brokers

    We value our partnerships with brokers and continue to develop our services for you. We can deal with your clients’ requirements, whether large or small, and ensure you speak to the right person, in the right area of the business, at the right time.

Understand your energy costs

Only about 40% of your bill is made up of charges for the electricity you use. The other 60% is for Third Party Costs (TPC's). These non-energy charges cover the installation and maintenance of a reliable energy supply system and the transition to lower carbon and renewable energy sources.

Watch Johnny Ball explain what makes up an electricity bill.

Optimise your energy use

Understanding how your business uses electricity is the first step in making energy work hard for you. Once we know what you use, we can help you make savings, or even make money from power. A smart meter is a great way of taking control of your energy and our tailored energy solutions can help your business grow and meet sustainability targets.

Switch to a smart meter

Make your first move a smart meter, and take control of your energy use. Your bills will be accurate, never estimated. You can track how much electricity you’re using – in real-time – putting you in the driving seat of your energy use.

Co-create bespoke energy services

For businesses with high energy consumption, our dedicated team will work with you to develop tailored energy solutions that deliver maximum value for your business, with minimum effort from you.

Three steps to a brighter energy future

We’re ready to get to know your business and be your partner in the changing energy world. Join more than 17,000 UK businesses reaping the benefits of our electricity supply and energy services.


Get in touch

We’ll discuss your energy requirements and business priorities.


Review your quote

We’ll send a personalised quote, shaped by your energy needs.

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Switch to Haven Power

If you’re happy with the contract, we begin the process of switching.