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Flex Combi

Enjoy the flexibility of buying your wholesale energy at live market prices, and the certainty of fully fixing your Third Party Costs.

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Why Flex Combi?

Flex Combi lets you take control of when you purchase energy by tracking wholesale prices and buying from the market in a way that best suits your business.

Flex Combi fixes all of your Third Party Costs (TPCs),protecting you from potential increases in these charges and providing peace of mind.

What are the benefits?

Be in control

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Flexible power buying

Choose when you buy to potentially save your business money


Fixed TPCs

Protect your business from TPC volatility and lock in other non-energy costs to gain budget certainty

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Renewable power

We supply renewable electricity as standard

Keep it simple


Simple billing

Fixed TPCs simplify your bill, so it's easier to manage

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Price updates

Our trading desk reacts quickly to changes and updates you with daily price and market reports


Dedicated partnership

We’ll work with you to meet the energy needs of your business

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Flex Combi in action

In the following example, customers that use 17.8 GWh of electricity consider a Flex and a Fixed contract, both with a start date of 1st October.

The graph illustrates real market prices and the points where the customers buy their power.

Flex Combi chart complete final

Who can get Flex Combi?

To qualify for Flex Combi you must:

Use at least 2 GWh of electricity a year (this is your Estimated Annual Consumption - or EAC)

Have at least one Half Hourly (HH) meter (you can also include your Non Half Hourly - NHH - meters in your contract)

Sign for a minimum contract period of 12 months (you can fix the TPCs annually or for the duration of your contract)

Flex Combi downloads

Flex Combi brochure

Understanding your HH Flex Combi invoice

Understanding your NHH Flex Combi invoice

Flex Combi Control downloads

Buy your wholesale energy flexibly at live market prices, reduce costs by shifting your usage and fully fix the remaining TPC's - all with Flex Combi Control.

Flex Combi Control brochure

Understanding your Flex Combi Control invoice