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Gatwick Airport signs new three-year deal with Haven Power

Using renewable instead of conventional power saves UK’s second largest airport enough carbon to fill Wembley Stadium five times.

Gatwick Airport has agreed a three-year deal with Haven Power to continue to supply it with 100% renewable electricity.

Following a period of rapid growth, Gatwick, which is the UK’s second largest airport and aims to be the most sustainable, was amongst the world’s first to achieve 100% carbon neutrality last year.

Its decision to purchase renewable electricity for the last five years from Haven Power was important in achieving this.

Paul Sheffield, Chief Operating Officer at Haven Power, said: “Our partnership with Gatwick clearly demonstrates that sustainability isn’t out of reach for businesses – it is a shining example of what can be achieved.

“The use of renewable energy by UK businesses is increasing as companies become more ambitious in terms of reducing their carbon footprint, but also because of the potential cost benefits of using renewables and embracing energy-efficiency programmes.

“This is a positive step in the right direction and we hope to see more of the industry follow the lead of Gatwick airport.”

Rachel Thompson, Sustainability Manager, at Gatwick Airport said: “Gatwick was among the first airports in the world to go for 100% certified renewable electricity, helping to reduce UK carbon emissions. That’s credit to our Engineering (Utilities) and Procurement departments, for having the vision to choose renewable electricity and to Haven Power, for being able to provide it.

“Our target for renewable energy is 25% by 2020 and as electricity accounts for 75% of the airport’s ground operations’ carbon footprint – it means we are achieving our target.”

Haven Power is one of the UK’s largest business electricity suppliers, founded over ten years ago, it aims to help businesses control spend, manage risk and boost sustainability by using renewable electricity, energy efficiency and bespoke energy solutions.

The partnership between Haven Power and the airport is an outcome of the targets set in Gatwick’s Decade of Change sustainability strategy. The plan sets goals for the airport against ten ambitious environmental and community-focused targets, such as lowering its carbon emissions, reducing the impact of aircraft operations on the local community, and decreasing the airport’s overall electricity consumption.

Gatwick Airport’s membership of RE100 – a global, collaborative initiative of businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity – is another indication of its commitment. As the first UK airport to join this corporate leadership programme, Gatwick is playing a significant part in accelerating the UK’s move towards a low carbon economy.

Our partnership with Gatwick clearly demonstrates that sustainability isn’t out of reach for businesses – it is a shining example of what can be achieved.

Paul Sheffield, Chief Operating Officer, Haven Power

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