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How to reduce your energy consumption

Recent research from the Institute of Customer Service* reveals that 68% of UK businesses experienced an increase in energy usage last year. For many, this will have meant an uplift in their energy spending too – something that perhaps they weren’t expecting.

To make this uncertainty even less welcome, some organisations are unclear about the reasons for the consumption rise. Was it due to increased production levels following a spike in demand? Or did deteriorating insulation cause greater levels of heat loss and lead to temperature dials moving higher? Alternatively, perhaps an extended cold spell led to firms turning up the heating?

Despite the reasons for increased usage ranging from the negative (poor efficiency) to the positive (more sales), the good news is that energy savings are available. For example, we found that businesses employing around 50 people can save, on average, about £5,000 a year with the right measures in place: see our Energy Efficiency infographic.


Gaining control


Here are a few ideas to help you get on top of your usage:

  • Install an AMR or Smart meter

Having an Automated Meter Reader (AMR) or Smart meter means that all of your bills accurately reflect your consumption, since these devices constantly monitor and record your usage.

You can then use the data to compare your consumption patterns each month and, potentially, identify why certain bills include surges.

  • Check out your heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can constitute a significant proportion of your energy bill. So it makes sense to ensure that each element is as efficient as possible and that you have some level of centralised control over usage.

Linked into this, it’s worth reviewing the quality of your insulation throughout your premises and taking remedial action where necessary.

  • Lights, thermostat, action!

There are many other energy efficiency measures, from energy efficient lighting to turning your thermostat down one degree, that could add up to significant savings. Also, if you can’t find the right energy efficiency solution for your business, you could always try something a little more bespoke.

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*Research commissioned by Haven Power. ICS report “Haven Power – Sustainability and customer service research” October 2017. 68% of the 220 businesses responding via online and phone interviews experienced an increase in energy usage last year.

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