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Haven customer focus: Yeo Valley

At Haven we always keep the business customer at the centre of everything we do. With this in mind, we visited one of our largest I&C customers, Yeo Valley, to ask them about their business, customer service, and the benefits of choosing renewable energy from Haven Power. Watch the video to see what they had to say or read the transcribe below…


Haven Supply Business Electricity to YEO Valley

YEO Valley are one of our largest I&C customers. They have been on supply for five years now, they have a great relationship with their customer service advisor, Darren, and they continue to be one of our important customers at Haven.

YEO valley is a privately owned dairy company based in Somerset that has been in operation for over 50 years. It started as a farmhouse business and is still a family business. They operate from four production sites in the south-west and two distribution centres across the United Kingdom and employ over 1,750 people within the group.

Haven Power is an ideal business electricity supplier for YEO Valley because they are very keen on the account management model that we adapt from a customer service perspective. They also like the connection Haven has with the Drax Group; they have been up to visit Drax and had a great time there.


YEO Valley Praise Haven’s Customer Service

We chose to leave our previous supplier because of the drop in customer service levels. They were one of the ‘big six’ and we’d seen them drop off in customer service and change of account managers, there was no continuity there and we lost faith in that.

The reason we chose Haven was because we felt they were like-minded. We had a visit to Drax and were very impressed with the developments there and the way things were going. Also, service level was key to us and we got absolute assurances on service level.


Our Customer Service Advisor Roles Explained

A Customer Service Advisor’s role at Haven Power is to take complete ownership of their portfolio of customers and look after the day-to-day running of their account. So from anything to sending invoices to collecting payments, to dealing with any queries that should arise, they pick up the phone and come back to the customer directly.

YEO Valley has a central point of contact at Haven Power who provides all the information they require and makes sure all YEO Valley’s sites have the same information. This information is given through email and followed up with postal and shortly, YEO Valley are going to have an online portal where they can look at the electricity usage and graphs to maximise forward planning.

The portal is an online platform for Haven Customers; it offers them everything from their billing information (current and previous), to flex position reports and any trading they have done. It is a pool of information that they can use, and the feedback we have had from it is great. We continue to listen to what our customers want from the portal and will continue to invest in the portal so that it is enhanced in line with our growth as a business.


Customer Event Seminars

Customer events are really important to Haven as it gives customers the chance to meet their Customer Service Advisors and other people that deal with their account here at Haven. Also, it gives customers the opportunity to understand what is happening within the energy industry from OFGEM and government speakers, to what is happening here at Haven. The Haven Power customer event allows customers to obtain energy information in a clear and conscience format.

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