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Fuel Mix Disclosure

What makes up the Fuel Mix of the electricity we supply?

Independently verified renewable energy and Fuel Mix Disclosure

Independent sustainability consultancy EcoAct has verified Haven Power’s renewable product offering and fuel mix disclosure calculations.

Renewable Electricity Stamp 2020 - Haven Power

Read our Verification Statement from EcoAct here.

What does this mean?

If Haven Power supplies you with 100% renewable energy, as verified by EcoAct, you can report your emissions from electricity consumption as zero under GHG protocol scope 2.

Annual fuel mix disclosure statement

The fuel mix for electricity supplied by Haven Power during the 12 months ending 31 March 2020 is shown in the table below. The table also shows the contribution of each energy source to the total amount of electricity supplied by Haven Power Ltd.

Fuel Mix 2020

Source of electricity percentage and fuel mix disclosure for all contracts that we supply.

Fuel Overall Renewable Products
Renewables 100% 100%
Natural Gas 0% 0%
Nuclear 0% 0%
Coal 0% 0%
Other Fuels 0% 0%

The environmental impact for our overall fuel mix is 0g CO2/kWh plus 0.00000g high level radioactive waste/kWh.

The below table and diagram shows the breakdown of our renewable sources we use in our electricity mix:

Technology Group % of Mix
Photovoltaic 11.7%
Wind 32.7%
Bioenergy 47.8%
Hydropower 7.8%
Total 100%

About Drax generation

  • About Drax generation

    Have confidence in our energy supply

    We source our renewable power from a variety of generators through power purchase agreements. A proportion of the electricity we supply comes from Drax Power Station – generated with responsibly-sourced, compressed wood pellets, which features a carbon footprint of less than 15% of coal-fired electricity. This form of renewable energy also supports healthy, sustainably managed working forests which help to fight climate change.

  • About Drax generation

    Sourcing sustainable biomass

    Drax biomass is sourced from established, responsibly managed working forests in the USA, Canada and the European Union. Sustainable biomass, in the form of compressed wood pellets, plays a vital role in our departure from coal, towards an affordable, lower carbon, flexible energy future. Discover the steps Drax take to ensure our wood pellet supply chain is better for our forests, our planet and our future below.