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Change of tenancy

When your business is on the move, it's important to settle your electricity bill before leaving and to have access to power from the first day at your new place.

In both cases, minimising disruption to your business is key.

To make sure you don't miss a step, here's our guide to moving premises (sometimes known in the energy sector as a Change of Tenancy, or CoT):

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Moving out - what your existing supplier needs from you

  1. Your account number
  2. Your existing address
  3. Your new address (assuming you know it)
  4. A forwarding address (for all correspondence)
  5. The date you're moving out
  6. Your expiring/expired tenancy agreement and contact info for your landlord or managing agent (if you rent)
  7. The name of the new occupier/tenant (if you know it) - the owner/landlord/agent is liable for the standing charge if the property remains vacant
  8. Your final meter reading (ideally, on the day you move out)

Moving out - what you need to do

  1. All of the above!
  2. Pay your final bill
  3. If your business is on supply with Haven Power, please let us know by calling your Customer Service Advisor (details on your bill), Reception (on 01473 725943), or emailing our Customer Contact Team at
  4. If you benefit from our energy services, we'll transfer those separately from your electricity supply

Moving in - what you need to do

  1. Find out which company supplies the premises - call any electricity supplier with the meter reference number for the property (also known as the Meter Point Administration Number, or MPAN)
  2. Get a quote for supply from that company and any other(s) that interest you - you can contact Haven Power using the details above
  3. To give you a quote, the supplier will need (i) The address and postcode of the premises (ii) Your own name, business name and phone numbers (iii) Your billing address, if different from above (iv) The MPAN

Moving in - what your new supplier will do

  1. If the property’s not already on supply with your new supplier, they'll contact the existing supplier to sort out the transfer
  2. The new or existing supplier should ensure you have electricity from the time you plan to occupy the premises
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