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Rota load disconnection

Rota load disconnection is the planned temporary disconnection of electricity to customers, for a set duration, on a rota basis. It is only used at times of a severe shortfall in electricity production in the UK, and even then, only when it is authorised by the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

The purpose of Rota Load Disconnection is to reduce the demand for electricity to the level of production that is available. This is achieved by dividing all users of electricity into groups called blocks; a customer’s block is determined by their postcode. These blocks are then switched off in turn, on a rota, for a period of three hours. If the level of electricity shortfall increases, more blocks are switched off resulting in interruption to a larger number of customers. Your block letter can be found on your electricty bill under the address.

To find out the time-slot for your postcode in the event of a severe shortfall in electricity production, please enter your postcode below.

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