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Understanding your bill

19th October 2018

Whether you’ve just started a new business or taken on responsibility for managing the energy expenditure where you work, invoices (bills) from some utility companies can be confusing.

Bill breakdown

At Haven Power, we’re trying to help demystify the electricity industry and cut through the jargon - to make things more transparent and easier for you. As part of this, we present our invoices in a series of sections - how many will depend on the kind of contract you have and your meter type. And within these sections, we provide a line-by-line breakdown of the charges.

Click the link below, we’ve highlighted the sections and added explanations - take a look.

Your bill explained
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How much?!

If your invoice delivers a nasty surprise, it’s worth remembering that around 60% of the total doesn’t relate to the electricity you’ve consumed - for an explanation, see our blog.

If you have a query about an invoice from Haven Power, please get in touch with your dedicated contact (their name and details will be on your bill) or call our switchboard: 01473 277556.

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