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How to measure CSR

How can you measure energy efficiency and CSR?

It’s no secret that energy efficiency can be great for your business; but we believe it can also be good for the world. Through energy efficiency you can reduce your spend on electricity while also lowering your carbon emissions. Many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes also contribute to increasing energy efficiency.

We’ve recently talked about the value that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can bring to your business. However, it’s now time to acknowledge that CSR programmes are sometimes difficult to implement. One of your biggest hurdles could be getting management sign off on your proposed actions. Putting together a good business case may boil down to the return on investment for your company; this can be difficult to calculate when you’re talking about volunteering, staff engagement programmes and so on.

Measuring efficiency

Your business can ask for an assessment on your premises through the Government’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) scheme. The assessors usually focus on things like your lighting, heating systems, insulation and window glazing, which work on an A-G scale, with A being the most efficient.

You can also measure your efficiency based upon your output. For example, Walkers may use kWh per case of crisps, or Ford may use kWh per car. This creates a bespoke way for your business to compare the amount of electricity it’s using to your output of products or services. It’s a powerful way to measure energy efficiency, particularly when your company is growing.

If your business can’t use this metric, you may be able to use tonnes of CO2 per employee instead. This can help you measure CSR actions as well as energy efficiency, as it takes into consideration things like the CO2 output from your energy supply and mileage from business travel, then divides that by the number of employees.

We use this measure at Haven Power, and have found it very useful in determining the success of our CSR actions. Last year, we used the ‘CO2 per person’ metric to calculate a saving of almost 100 tonnes of carbon following a staff engagement programme centred on efficiency.

The CSR activities you undertake can determine how you measure success Charity work can be measured in volunteer hours or funds raised, whilst staff engagement programmes could be measured using a satisfaction survey.

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