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International Construction Design and Management – Case Study

Established in 1994, ICDM (International Construction Design and Management) Limited is a construction design and engineering firm serving multiple businesses and industry sectors. Working across the UK from its base at Birmingham Airport, the company advises on issues ranging from cost and project management (including Regulatory Compliance) through to energy consultancy.

Why does ICDM work with Haven Power?

Anthony Osborne, Engineering Director at ICDM, explains that the company’s relationship with Haven Power started with a competitive tender for a new connection. When the consultancy wanted to get a meter installed for a garden centre client in Bridport, it approached a handful of suppliers for quotations. Mr Osborne says, “Haven Power was the best in terms of both price and practicality – the new connections process was clear, and went very smoothly. In fact, it all happened to schedule.”

Another factor that swayed ICDM’s decision was Haven Power’s commitment to renewable energy. The emphasis on sustainable growth echoed the consultancy’s own ethos and the values of its garden centre client.

What about Haven Power’s new connections?

Haven Power’s new connections process is a good example of the supplier’s efforts to make energy as easy as possible for customers. Right from the start the company asks the customer to complete a simple yet comprehensive form capturing many of the details that other providers wait until later to collect.

The up-front effort saves the customer time later on when the meter’s in place and they want to concentrate on getting the business up-and-running. This focus on the customer’s needs and hassle-free approach is what helps to differentiate Haven Power’s new connections.

Mr Osborne concludes, “Everything related to this new connection fell into place so easily. We’d certainly consider Haven Power again when thinking about a supplier capable of getting a new meter installed smoothly and efficiently.”

For more information about new connections, please get in touch with Haven Power by calling 01473 725943 or email

"Haven Power was the best in terms of both price and practicality - the new connections process was clear and went very smoothly."

Anthony Osborne, Engineering Director, ICDM

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