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Introduction to third party charges

Here at Haven, we’re committed to raising awareness of the volatility of third party non-energy charges. These costs can form up to 50 percent of customers’ bills and relate to the transmission and distribution of the electricity, as well as contributions towards renewable energy initiatives to decarbonise the power sector (more on these in a later video).

It’s important for customers to understand how these costs make up part of their bill, how increases in these costs affect them and how/if they are included as part of their energy contract.

We expect these costs to continue to rise in order for investment to be made in the industry and we want to have early access to future costs to allow us to plan for our pricing structure for customers, minimise uncertainty and eliminate unnecessary costs and premiums.

The accompanying video talks more about non-energy charges, what they are and what to be aware of. It will be followed by another in the near future which will focus on the costs associated with renewable initiatives.

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