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National Grid issues final 2016-17 TNUoS tariffs

National Grid issued the final transmission network use of system (TNUoS) tariffs to apply from 1 April 2016 on Friday 29 January. Allowed revenue will be £2,708.7mn, an increase of £72mn on the current year.

Average half hourly demand tariffs will increase by £6.34/kW from 2015-16 and non-half hourly by 1.03p/kWh. Total average Triad demand is forecast to fall from 52.2GW in 2015-16 to 49.8GW in 2016-17. The revenue to be recovered by generation tariffs has fallen by £158.3mn to £453.4mn to ensure annual average generation tariffs stay within the €2.50/MWh limit set under Regulation 838/2010. Generation tariffs are the first to be set under the new charging arrangements being introduced under CMP213 Project Transmit TNUoS Developments.

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