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National Grid updates TNUoS forecasts for 2015-16

National Grid issued its October update of transmission network use of system (TNUoS) tariffs on Friday 17 October. Its central view, following the approval of CMP224 Cap on the Total TNUoS Target Revenue to be Recovered from Generation Users and the decreasing likelihood that Regulation 838/2010 will be modified by January, is the scenario that restricts annual average generator charges to €2.5/MWh. The proportion of revenue to be recovered from generators has reduced from 27% to 23.3%. This reduces the average generation tariff by £1.32/kW and increases average demand tariffs by £1.80/kW for half hourly tariffs and 0.18p/kWh for non-half hourly tariffs.

Other charges include an updated generation background and an increase in the forecast of total transmission revenue from £2,612mn to £2,633mn, reflecting changes in onshore transmission owners’ revenue forecasts. The next forecast of 2015-16 tariffs will be in December and tariffs will be fixed at the end of January 2015.


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