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Your new electricity connection explained

To get a New Connection, fill in an application form below or give us a call.

New Business Electricity Connections

New business electricity connections

You need to get electricity to your business as quickly as possible - and we’re here to help. Generally, we can make it happen within five weeks of receiving your New Connection application form.

Here’s an overview - with abbreviations explained in our Energy Cheat Sheet - of our new connections process:

Your new business electricity connection explained

New connections guide

Here’s our more detailed 7-Step Guide

1. Ask Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for your new Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN)

Contact your DNO (find yours with this map) and ask for a new MPAN - the number identifying your unique electricity supply point.

2. Appoint a Meter Operator (MOP)

You’ll need a meter operator and there are two options here:

a) We can appoint a MOP on your behalf and take away the hassle for you. If we incur any costs, we'll pass them on to you.

b) You can appoint your own MOP and you can find one at the Association of Meter Operators’ website.

3. Complete our New Connection form

Before we can send you a quotation, subject to terms and conditions, you’ll need to apply for a new connection. Fill in and submit this form. When completed please send to newconnect.requests@havenpower.com and we’ll be in touch.

4. Let us know you're happy with the price quoted

We provide renewable energy as standard, and at no extra cost - which is good for the world and for your business.

Once you’re happy with our quotation, let us know. We'll validate and be in a position to accept, your signed offer documentation, start registering your meter, and talk with the relevant MOP to organise your meter installation.

5. Appoint an electrical engineer/contractor

You’ll need a qualified electrical engineer/contractor to prepare your premises for the installation and to be present when the MOP visits to install the new meter.

6. Make the connection

The MOP will come to your premises to install the meter(s) on the agreed date - it’s your responsibility to ensure the site’s set up correctly for the installation.

7. Welcome to Haven Power

Your new electricity connection installation has been successful.

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Utilities Procurement Group – Case Study - image

Utilities Procurement Group

UPG (Utilities Procurement Group) is an energy consultancy that uses its specialist experience to procure energy for public sector bodies and large commercial organisations. They found our new connections process “excellent and simple”.


International construction design and management

Established in 1994, ICDM (International Construction Design and Management) Limited is a construction design and engineering firm serving multiple businesses and industry sectors. We got their new meter installed “smoothly and efficiently.”