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3 easy ways to make your office more energy efficient

22nd August 2019

Offices are responsible for a large proportion of the UK’s carbon emissions, which is why the City of London has the highest carbon footprint of any area in the country. Yet there are many simple and relatively small changes that all workplaces can implement which collectively can make a huge difference.

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On average, every individual in the UK produces 12.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. However, in the City of London, emissions can be as much as 25% higher. That’s hardly surprising given that office equipment is the fastest growing user of energy in the business world – expected, by 2020, to reach 30% of the total energy used in offices.

In fact, a computer left switched on all day and night can cost a business up to £45 a year. Simply switching it to standby at the end of the day could reduce that cost to as little as £10. If you consider how many computers are in use across your business, making sure they’re not left on overnight could amount to a worthwhile saving each year – as well as significantly reducing your carbon emissions.

That’s just one of many simple steps that you can take to make your office more energy and cost efficient – and there are many more in our free energy efficiency guide for office-based organisations. The report draws on research from The Carbon Trust, which supports the UK’s move to a low carbon economy.

Through improved energy efficiency, you have the potential to boost your bottom line – and the sooner you start, the quicker you’ll make a difference.

3 simple steps to get you started

1. Switch it off

Turning off lights and equipment can make a big difference to your office’s energy use. It also means that they’re not adding unwelcome heat during the summer months, saving energy on air conditioning.

2. Turn it down

A reduction of just one degree to the averagely sized office’s heating settings can save enough energy to print 40 million sheets of A4 paper – easy to do, even in a hot summer.

3. Go natural

Opening doors and windows (when it’s safe to do so) and letting natural ventilation keep the office temperature down can also reduce your aircon costs.

Download our energy-saving guide for offices

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