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Being Sustainable Can Save Your Business Money

Drax Retail (Haven Power & Opus Energy) CEO Jonathan Kini spoke to Business Reporter about how businesses can get more from sustainable energy. You can see the full video and some more information about the topics raised below.

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Can energy save you money?

As Jonathan discusses, being sustainable can help a business to save money rather than be a cost. While running the business remains the priority for owners and senior executives, it’s possible to prove to them that energy can offer opportunities to cut costs – and even make money.

It’s up to energy providers to provide solutions that leave customers feeling they’ve saved time rather than wasted it. Haven Power is doing this by giving our customers a simple, renewable option and more control over their energy.

We’ve already helped larger businesses improve their sustainability credentials, now we’re enabling smaller-size customers to enjoy the same quantifiable benefits. Read how we’re helping Colchester Hospital to save £200k a year or how we helped the Suffolk Football Association become more sustainable.

Last year, we commissioned research and found that 78% of UK businesses want their supplier to offer more renewable options, so they can be more sustainable. Almost 70% wanted to know how they could be more efficient, save money and become more environmentally friendly. To read more from this research, download the full report.

The future of energy

Jonathan also touches on some of the challenges facing the energy industry- and the businesses that rely upon it for power.

At present, the complexity of the industry can leave customers feeling as though they lack control over their energy. Digitisation is set to make energy systems more connected, intelligent, reliable and sustainable. And advances in data, analytics and connectivity are enabling developers to create a range of new digital applications that give control back to the customer.

Historically, and consistently, customer trust in energy suppliers has been low. That’s why we believe it’s time to become more transparent, clear and honest about the way we work with our customers.

The energy sector has been confusing for businesses in the UK, not least because of the amount of jargon in use. If you want more simplicity when discussing your energy, look at our Jargon Buster. For more insight into sustainability, read more about our renewable option.

This approach to energy is one of the reasons that Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) recently ranked Haven Power as the UK’s best performing energy supplier.

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