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Best energy efficiency advice for businesses

22nd February 2018

Good energy efficiency not only helps to minimise what you spend on electricity, but also reduces the impact of your business on the environment.

Having good control of your energy consumption not only helps to minimise what you spend on electricity each month, but also reduces your business’ impact on the environment. However, to control your energy use, you first must understand it.

We recognise that the energy industry as a whole is complex, so we’re dedicated to keeping it as simple as possible for our customers – and have resources available to help:

1. Make sure your bills don't bite

By understanding your bills, you get a better view of your energy consumption and spending. For example, check out our blogs that explain what your MPAN is and offer definitions of all the industry jargon you might find on your bill.

Once you’re aware of your usage, you can then identify what action you need to take to reduce it. For example, you may notice the winter months are increasing your consumption dramatically – and decide that a more efficient heating system or better insulation may be worth the investment.

We discovered there are plenty of savings to be made: a business with around 50 employees could save an average of £5000 a year from these simple energy efficiency tips!

2. Be awed by an audit

If you’d like to save even more, consider having an energy audit. This could be anything from a desktop analysis you complete yourself, to a full audit where an engineer assesses your site and recommends solutions.

3. Get creative with your energy

If you have complex energy requirements, have tried all of the above, and still need to reduce your consumption further, one of our co-creation workshops may help. Our in-house experts will spend time with your key stakeholders to gain a complete understanding of your business and its consumption patterns. It’s an interactive session where lots of ideas will be discussed – some at the cutting edge of technology and energy thinking. After the session, we create a report providing tailored solutions that address the needs and ambitions of your business – as well as roadmaps on how to achieve them.

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