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What does Brexit mean for UK business energy?

Understand exactly what Brexit could mean for your business energy with our blogs below.

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14th March 2019

How will Brexit affect your business energy? Get certainty in an uncertain world.

As the deadline for leaving the EU approaches, we consider the implications for business energy, and show how fixing your third-party electricity costs could...

How will Brexit affect electricity interconnectors
29th March 2019

How will Brexit affect the electricity interconnectors – and what’s the likely impact on your business?

As uncertainty around Brexit continues, UK businesses are still unclear about the risks associated with numerous unknowns. For example, what’s the likely impact on...

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4th April 2019

3 possible impacts of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit on UK energy security – and 2 ways to reduce the risk

With the revised European Union (EU) Brexit deadline looming, we look at three potential impacts of a ‘no-deal’ on UK energy security. We also...

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21st March 2019

4 ways that onsite renewables could help your business post-Brexit

Whatever the eventual outcome of Brexit, energy market volatility could still affect your business. With this in mind, we explore how you can take...

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9th September 2019

To beat Brexit uncertainty, fix your electricity contract now

The complexities – and uncertainties – of Brexit make it a minefield for all businesses. Although nobody, it seems, really knows what will happen...

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