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Building a business case for change when switching electricity supplier

12th December 2019

Committing to being more sustainable as a business, and then delivering on that promise, can be challenging – especially when starting your programme of transition. One simple way to quickly lower your carbon footprint is to switch to a supplier that delivers sustainable electricity with zero carbon emissions.

To get your peers on board and kick start your company’s sustainability drive, you’re likely to need a compelling business case for change. And here it is: our latest free eBook ‘Energy Management: Building a case for change’.

Usually, changing your business electricity supplier isn’t just a simple case of finding the cheapest quote. Other influencing factors may include your stance on environmental matters, the amount and source of the electricity you consume, and your attitude towards on-site generation.

Your choice of energy supplier will also be key; it’s now more important than ever to find a provider that knows how energy market developments can help you sustainably power your business. And one that listens to your key concerns and understands your approach to business. Your chosen partner should also be able to use this information to help optimise your energy use, meet your sustainability goals, and drive energy efficiencies throughout your business.

Your first steps towards a sustainable future

While your business may want to improve its sustainability, getting approval for a change to zero carbon electricity can have its challenges. Decision-makers will want to know how switching supplier would positively impact the business; procurement will need reassurances about costs, delivery and value.

To help you build a convincing business case, Haven Power commissioned independent research on the issues facing companies that want to switch and become more sustainable.

We’ve summarised the findings into a free eBook for energy management and sustainability managers – download your free copy today!

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