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Businesses want more support with managing their energy use

17th July 2018

According to Institute of Customer Service research*, businesses choosing electricity suppliers consider the support they offer in reducing energy usage as one of the most important factors. In addition, 48% of the UK businesses surveyed stated that managing energy use is one of the most important drivers within their organisation.

Factors when choosing an energy provider

These enterprises understand that a supplier helping to reduce consumption will also mean a cut in energy expenditure – and a step towards being more sustainable. When we asked businesses what they needed to be more sustainable, all sectors answered ‘better supplier relationships’.

Industry energy needs

Naturally, having a good relationship also relies upon high levels of customer service and competitive prices, as well as a factor more specific to energy: tailored products. If the communication between supplier and customer is poor, billing and payment issues can arise – bad for both parties – and both can also miss opportunities for growth and savings.

For example, if customers complain, a supplier may see their reputation damaged. Alternatively, customers that fail to engage with their supplier may not learn about that company’s energy efficiency services or full range of contracts.

Building a better relationship

If you want more support managing your energy, here are three things you should consider:

Dedicate a member of staff to your energy strategy

Rather than thinking of electricity as simply a bill you pay, see it as a means of both saving (and generating) money. However, to exploit these opportunities , you may need a dedicated in-house resource – someone with the industry knowledge to understand the possibilities and assess what’s right for your business.

Alternatively, approach your energy supplier and ask if they can provide a similar level of support and expertise.

Look again at your contract

It’s worth considering whether your electricity contract is a good fit for the needs of your business. Most suppliers offer a number of options, and the most appropriate for you will depend upon your budget, attitude to risk, energy ambitions and other factors.

Again, talking to your supplier will clarify what’s available – and help you make a more informed decision.

Think about a co-creation workshop

Finding the right solution for your business can mean getting a fresh perspective: on your operations, energy consumption and goals.

Haven Power can help you gain new insights at a co-creation workshop. Our energy experts will spend time with you (in a half-day, one-day, or two-day session) to get a complete understanding of your business and its consumption patterns. We’ll then create a report outlining a bespoke energy solution that addresses your concerns and ambitions.

Institute of Customer Service report “Haven Power – Sustainability and customer service research” October 2017. Sample: 200 UK SME and I&C organisations