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Cut carbon emissions and costs in your farm or nursery

25th October 2019

Agriculture is responsible for around 9% of UK carbon emissions, mostly in the form of methane – which contributes over half the sector’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to government research. In response, the National Farmers Union is committed to cutting the sector’s emissions to zero by 2040.

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To make your own business more energy efficient and cut both your carbon emissions and energy bills, take a look at our free energy efficiency guide for agriculture. It’s packed with no-cost and low-cost tips that could have an instant effect on your business if you’re involved in horticultural and livestock farms, garden centres and nurseries.

Here are just two easy steps that won’t cost you a thing:

1. Turn your heating down

According to the Carbon Trust, heating makes up 90% of the energy used in greenhouses. Reducing the temperature at which the thermostat kicks in by just one degree can help cut your heating costs by up to 8%. And at the same time, you’ll be reducing your GHG emissions too.

You can also cut emissions – and costs – by reducing the overnight temperature in your buildings to 10°C. This is high enough for almost all sites, unless there are people working on overnight shifts (in which case it needs to be higher).

2. Open your windows and your doors

Ventilation accounts for 14% of each energy bill in the agriculture sector. You can shrink down that proportion immediately by opening windows and doors to let fresh air do the job for you.

You’ll find many more simple and practical ideas in our free guide, and the actions it suggests needn’t cost you much (if anything) either. Even so, the cumulative effect will be impressive – both in terms of savings for your business and your contribution to helping the UK meet its net zero carbon commitments.

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