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Eccentric energy: Rock down to Electric Avenue

12th July 2018

Welcome to our latest instalment of Eccentric energy, where we explore the weird and wonderful ideas behind electricity in the modern world.

Rock down to Electric Avenue

Forget the power of love; it’s all about the power of dance as The Sustainable Dance Floor is the world’s first dance floor that converts the kinetic energy of people dancing into electricity. The innovation, created by Energy Floors, generates electricity from human movement that not only powers the floor’s LED lights, but can also be used to power their plugins such as a digital energy meter or LED battery.

It works by having slightly flexible modules with electromechanical systems inside each tile. When people dance, it transforms the small vertical movement into a rotating movement that drives a generator which can produce between 5-20 Watts per person.

The dance floor has been used at various projects and events including Coachella, World Science Festival and Super Bowl 50. It is available to rent or buy and can be installed in various shapes and locations.

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Every breath you take

Using heartbeats and muscle spasms to fuel pacemakers and other medical devices are common examples of how your body can produce energy to power mechanisms. But did you know your breathing can now also be used as an energy source?

The AIRE mask is an invention designed by João Paulo Lammoglia that uses small wind turbines in the mask to convert the energy created by your breath into energy to recharge your mobile phone.

Though small, mobile devices can have a significant environmental impact as João explains his reasoning behind his design: “Though many of our gadgets offer benefits, they tend to consume a high amount of electrical energy. This may cause problems for the environment, especially if the energy used by these devices is derived from non-renewable sources.”

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Spill the beans

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day; so you can imagine how much waste is produced from the coffee grounds. What most people don’t know is that the leftovers from your morning latte can be used for many things, including fuel.

Bio-bean is an award winning clean technology company that specialises in transforming spent coffee grounds into advanced biofuels and biochemicals. Independent cafés to major coffee chains use the company to collect the waste product where it can be turned into sustainable fuel sources such as coffee logs and biomass pellets.

The company has helped businesses like Costa Coffee and Network Rail save thousands of pounds on waste disposal fees, as well as thousands of tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.