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What could energy efficiency really mean for businesses?

16th January 2018

Looking at the energy efficiency of your business can be a great way to save money and lower your carbon emissions. As well as having a positive impact on your bottom line, this can also help you achieve your sustainability and corporate social responsibility commitments. In turn, this may translate into better retention and acquisition of customers who want to make ethical choices.

All sizes of business – from Low Costa Mill Holiday Cottages to Unilever – can benefit from energy efficiency and improved sustainability. These companies have, respectively, gained an award that boosted their reputation and led to positive PR; and increased sales after developing and marketing their sustainable brands.

However, finding the right strategy and solutions for your business can be a challenge. It’s easy to get generic energy efficiency ideas online. However, it’s less simple to find a solution that’s specific to your circumstances, needs and ambitions.

Tailor-made efficiency

To develop a bespoke energy efficiency drive for your business, you’d be best served by an energy expert (or team) who understands every aspect of your operations. Whoever provides this support – e.g. an in-house specialist or energy partner such as Haven Power – should also be able to make sense of the energy industry’s complexities.

By understanding your energy challenges and goals within the context of the opportunities available within the market, this expert or team will help you discover the best solution for your business.

How Haven Power can help

We’ve created a new Energy Services team to address this concern and help customers make a better use of energy. The team comprises senior analysts, engineers, product developers and on-site generation experts – as well as the resources of Drax Research and Innovation. The R&I department is responsible for ensuring that the UK’s largest power station remains as efficient as possible.

We’re working in partnership with our customers through co-creation workshops, bespoke audits and other collaborations. Once we have a more complete understanding of a business and its consumption patterns, we create a bespoke proposition to help.

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