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Download our whitepaper: Helping you through uncertain times

9th July 2020

The world of energy has changed radically since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the last few months, demand for electricity has fallen to unprecedented lows. Renewables like wind and solar have provided a consistently high proportion of the power needed for our homes and businesses, while the system has run for lengthy periods without coal generation at all.

With our expertise, mitigate the risk to your business

Understanding what these changes might mean for your business is a major challenge.

That’s why we’ve produced an exclusive report on the current state of play in the electricity market. Designed for those managing energy (or helping their partners manage energy) in industrial and commercial sectors, this whitepaper aims to make sense of the times we’re going through and explore what they mean for the electricity market.

This report:

• Helps you understand the ongoing changes affecting electricity generation and the grid
• Explains how regulator Ofgem has reacted to manage the situation
• Investigates how Third Party Charges might change and affect your business’s bills
• Explores what you might be able to do to mitigate risk for your business

In times like these, knowledge is be power. Download your free copy of our report now.

Download your free report

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