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3 (more) odd things we’ve read about smart meters: How suppliers use them

23rd September 2020

Welcome to the fifth instalment of our series that investigates some of the strangest rumours we’ve read about smart meters.

In the three videos below, smart meter expert and Head of Data and Data Science, Bjoern Reinke, talks us through the various reasons why smart meter installations won’t be used to sell products or hike up energy prices for consumers.

Read on to bust some smart meter myths.

Will energy suppliers use smart meter installation visits to sell new products?

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Energy companies aren’t allowed to use smart meter installation appointments in this way. Installations are exactly that: an engineer changes your meter. The only other thing a supplier or engineer will do is provide energy efficiency advice. The Government regulates smart installations and all suppliers adhere to this. Selling new products isn’t allowed. You can find out more about the smart meter installation process here.

Will energy suppliers increase prices when they see demand is high?

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Smart meters are being rolled out for exactly the opposite reason. Smart meters help energy suppliers better understand real-time energy use and supply. This allows them to provide tariffs which better reflect the true cost of energy in real time.

Unless you opt out , your smart meter will record your energy use at half-hourly intervals. In the future, this data could allow us to provide your business with more relevant offers and tariffs. The better we understand your energy use, the more efficiently we’ll be able to predict it and offer competitive prices. This could even allow us to create benchmarks of your usage by premises and business type.

But the data your smart meter generates is your data. You can always alter how often we receive reads to a daily or even a monthly figure. You can find out more about your data options here.

Will energy companies make huge gains from smart meters because they don’t need to pay billing staff?

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Smart meters make the way we consume and bill energy easier to understand for customers. They’ll also provide the infrastructure for a smarter energy network. This means our colleagues will be free to do the more interesting and insightful work. Instead of manually updating meter readings across portfolios, they’ll have time to add real value for customers - for example, through tailored energy efficiency advice.

If you’re one of our customers at Haven Power, we can install a new smart meter for you at no extra cost. Just register here.

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