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How to read your electricity meter data

31st October 2018

Why is reading your electricity meter regularly so worthwhile? And how should you do it? We asked Amy Boosey from Haven Power’s Customer Operations department.

In our experience at Haven Power, a couple of minutes spent reading your electricity meter now will help you save more time later. That’s because it’ll help you:

Pay the right amount

If we don’t receive a meter reading from you, we have to estimate your bill for the period affected. We’ll base this on your previous usage or, if your business has recently moved in, on the usage of the previous occupant of your premises.

This could mean that you end up paying for more electricity than you’ve actually used (especially if you’ve recently improved your energy efficiency).

We don’t want your business to overpay for its electricity - and we don’t want you to underpay. Regular meter readings can help us both avoid these situations.

Make sure you’re on the right tariff

Reading your meter regularly will help you keep track of your energy usage - and ensure you’re on the right tariff.

When you come to analyse your energy usage, you may decide to change your tariff, or realise that your business could benefit from an energy efficiency audit. Both can help you save money.

Identify faulty meters and electricity theft

Your meter readings also help us see if your meter has a fault – such as recording more (or less) electricity usage than you’re actually using. Sudden or unexpected increases in your usage can even alert Haven Power to the fact that someone is stealing electricity from you. The energy price comparison service UK Power has stated that energy theft (including gas) is costing the UK about £500m each year. This is a significant issue for the industry - and potentially, for all businesses too.

Ensure the right person is getting the right bill

When you give us your meter reading, it’s also an opportunity to correct any errors on your records. For instance, your electricity bills may be going to someone who no longer works for your business. Or we may be sending them to another business entirely – perhaps a previous tenant at your address.

If you’ve recently moved into new premises, you’ll automatically receive estimated bills until you make your first meter reading. As we’ve already noted, we’ll base them on the previous occupant’s usage – so sending us your own reading as soon as possible will help you longer-term.

How to read your electricity meter

If you have a half-hourly, Smart, or Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) device, we’ll download your data and read your meter automatically, so you never need to worry about doing it yourself.

There are a number of different types of meter that could be installed on your premises. `

This type, with dials that tick over.

shutterstock 747080278

And this type, with a series of clock-style dials (some of which run backwards).

shutterstock 272340857

You can find out how to read both types here.

To provide us with your meter read, you can upload your readings to the Haven Power website or send them to

To find out more about Smart meters, or how Haven Power can help your business benefit from renewable energy, please use our contact form to get in touch.

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