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Do you know what to do if your business changes address?

4th July 2018

When businesses move, there are a number of issues to resolve – the electricity connection is just one of them. We asked our Change of Tenancy team how to reduce the hassle for businesses who were relocating.

If your business is moving out…

Your supplier will need to know your account number (as well as your existing and new addresses), plus the date of your move. If you’re not moving into a new location, or you expect it to take some time, they’ll also ask for a forwarding address, so they can send your final bill. Before they can issue that, they’ll need your final meter reading.

Your supplier will also want to see your expiring (or expired) tenancy agreement, or other documents, to prove when your business is moving. And you’ll have to provide details of your landlord or managing agent too.

They’ll also take down the name of the new tenant (if you know it). If the property will be vacant, your landlord or managing agent will be liable for the standing charge.

Once you’ve paid your final bill, you shouldn’t receive any more communications about your account at the address you’re moving away from.

If your business is on supply with Haven Power and you’re about to move, please let us know. Simply call your dedicated Customer Service Advisor or Account Manager (their details are on your bill) or Reception (01473 725943), who’ll redirect your call to someone who can help.

If you benefit from energy services through Haven Power, your Account Manager will take care of transferring those separately.

… and if you’re moving in

Whenever you’re moving into a property, you can call any electricity supplier to ask who provides the electricity there (If you were on supply with Haven Power, you’d just need to call us on the numbers above) and provide:

After you’ve provided these details, your new supplier would liaise with the existing supplier (if the property’s not already on supply with them) and ensure you have electricity from the time you plan to occupy the premises.

If you’re on supply, or moving to Haven Power, we’ll also help your business find the right energy solution, taking account of the electricity unit rate, your contract’s duration, and your attitude towards risk and Third Party Costs. All of this leaves you free to take care of all the other things associated with the move: good luck!

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