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Making new connections easier and more cost-effective

12th September 2018

When you’re setting up a new premises for your business, one of the first things to get sorted is your electricity supply. Without that, you probably don’t have a business. However, in the past businesses have found it hard to get a new connection: the process has proved unnecessarily complex and long-winded.

This is because multiple parties need to be involved. You have to register your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN), arrange a new supply with your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO), agree a contract with a Meter Operator (MOP), appoint a data collector and aggregator, and get an electrical contractor to energise the circuitry at your site.

At Haven Power, we simplify this whole process by having our dedicated new connections team help you through the process. Since creating the team in 2015, our yearly number of new connections has continued to rise.

Our guide to new connections has all the information you need, including the things we’ll handle for you, and those you have to manage yourself. For example, you can organise the install date directly with your MOP – or let us arrange on your behalf.

We’ll also get you – or your broker, if you have one – to complete and submit some simple infomation, which we’ll use to assess the estimated timelines and costs of the connection. One broker, Utilities Procurement Group, has brought a large number of major new connections to Haven Power over the years.

The firm’s Assistant Director, James Clancy, points out that the form is easy to complete yet comprehensive, and “takes out much of the hassle” of the process. The design allows UPG to fill out most of the form, so that its own customer has only a few parts to complete. In his opinion, other suppliers omit some of these details at the start of the process, so there’s “more backwards and forwards” later on.

In addition, as soon as UPG submits the infomation, Haven Power is “straight on to it and quick to respond – with great flexibility on scheduling too.” James adds, “The members of [your] new connections team are really patient and great at communicating with all parties involved.”

For extra reassurance, we offer Guaranteed Standards of Performance (GSoP) with our new connections, so that each one has to meet certain time and quality criteria. In 2017, we made only one GSoP payment out of the 541 new connections completed.

Our new connections process is competitive in other ways too. Another broker, Anthony Osborne – Engineering Director at International Construction Design and Management Limited – explains why. When ICDM wanted a new meter installed for a garden centre client, it approached a handful of suppliers for quotations. Anthony says, “Haven Power was the best in terms of both price and practicality – the new connections process was clear, and went very smoothly. In fact, it all happened to schedule.”

UPG’s James Clancy agrees with the assessment, saying: “Haven Power provides market-leading prices and a high level of on-going support, handles bespoke requirements and is able to issue accurate bills for complex energy contracts.” He says the process is “more straightforward than the new connections I’ve completed with other suppliers”.

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