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Salford City Council - Case Study

21st November 2019

Comprising five districts and covering 37 square miles, Salford in Greater Manchester is a thriving cultural, economic and residential hub.

When Salford City Council’s contract with its electricity supplier was due to end, it issued a tender for a new contract, which allowed Haven Power to bid.

“We selected Haven Power as their proposal scored the highest on all requirements - quality, price, delivery and the social value elements of the package,” explained Majid Maqbool, energy manager at Salford City Council.

Committed to renewable energy and social value

The council’s main requirement was for renewable energy. This is an important part of the Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy, which commits to improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and saving the council taxpayer money. Haven Power is providing this renewable electricity across the many sites within the council portfolio.

Ease of billing was also a major consideration for the council. It needed different billing systems for its different sites, including the council itself, as well as offices, schools and leisure centres.

In addition, Haven Power needed to ensure that its billing system was compatible with the council’s energy management database and that it could manage the complex billing requirements. The process had to include a consolidated virtual invoice for the council offices and individual paper-based receipts for other organisations within the council’s portfolio, including several schools.

We selected Haven Power as their proposal scored the highest on all requirements - quality, price, delivery and the social value elements of the package.

Majid Maqbool Salford City Council Energy Manager

Quality data, quality communication

Salford City Council awarded the tender in mid-March with a requirement to go-live on 01 April 2019, just two weeks later. This quick turnaround was necessary to avoid the council falling into a deemed tariff situation with its current supplier. Otherwise the council would have had no formal supply agreement in place, leaving them exposed and vulnerable to fluctuating energy prices.

The Haven Power team was up to the challenge and worked closely with the council and the incumbent power provider.

“There was limited time between being awarded the contract and implementing the solution. We achieved the two-week deadline in part due to the excellent support and supply of data from the Salford City Council energy team,” said Kris Barnett, strategic relationship manager, Haven Power.

“While the project was initially complex with multiple sites and different invoicing methods, our depth of experience in similar situations and excellent relationship with the council enabled us to meet the deadline with ease.”

With excellent communication between the Haven Power team and the council, the electricity provider analysed the data it received and quickly identified and resolved any issues.

A large part of the onboarding process included registering the different groups and ensuring all billing was set up correctly from the start. The council team worked with its users to complete the requisite forms and applications for exemption from the Climate Change Levy.

“It was really important to start off on the right foot and the team at Haven Power really ensured that happened. The billing process after the first month was smooth and without incident. Very much business as usual for the council and our associate sites,” said Majid.

Adding social value

The tender process also included a significant social value component. Haven Power, part of Drax, committed to providing educational tours of the Drax Power Station for 10 schools in the Salford City Council region. This forms part of a wider Drax initiative to address Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills shortages in the UK. Other social value components included a minimum of six full volunteer days per year from employees to support the council in its social responsibility initiatives.

Haven Power is also delivering a full-day energy workshop with the council and selected local partners. The aim is to provide best practices around energy efficiency, waste/carbon reduction, and renewable energy generation projects. The electricity provider is also committed to lending its expertise to reduce energy usage and costs among end-users within the region.

“Renewable electricity was a key factor in the tender process but we were also impressed with the company’s commitment to developing communities and educating the people within them. And they share our goals of working with customers and partners to improve energy efficiencies and reduce usage. We see Haven Power as a partner and look forward to working with the team over the next two years,” concludes Majid.

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