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Smart is green

16th October 2018

By Christopher Brown, Smart Metering Manager at Haven Power

Turning on a bank of 10 halogen lights in the office uses about 900 watts. A bank of 10 LED lights only uses 80 watts – 11x less. Perhaps you already knew about the green credentials of LEDs, perhaps you didn’t. But you’d be far more likely to be aware of such a reduction in usage with a smart meter installed.

Of course, a smart meter doesn’t magically cut your consumption and emissions. Until new technology’s available for all your other electrical appliances, they’ll still use the same amount of power as before – if you use them in the same way as now. So, what a smart meter can do is provide you with insights on how your actions affect your consumption. It can be an educator and agent of change – as long as you take the time to listen.

In the not-too-distant future, smart meters will also be a key enabler of the Smart Grid. To understand the difference between today’s network and the Smart Grid of tomorrow, consider how a 1-way street works in comparison to a 2-way street.

"A smart meter can provide you with insights on how your actions affect your consumption. It can be an educator and agent of change."

Christopher Brown Smart Metering Manager at Haven Power

In the first scenario, electricity flows to our homes and offices when we turn something on – and that’s it: just like a 1-way street. In the second scenario, with the Smart Grid in place, offices and houses with wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) generation capabilities will be able to sell electricity back to the Grid or to their neighbours. It’ll be a 2-way street, with a flow of electricity (not traffic) both ways.

Talking of traffic, the Smart Grid will also rely upon the growing number of electric vehicles (including one at Haven Power). These EVs will play a significant role within the Smart Grid and collectively represent a huge amount of stored electricity. EV owners will be able to sell this stored capacity back to the Smart Grid – profitably – when demand peaks and recharge their vehicles when demand is low.

Smart can help transform the way you see and use energy. Find out more and register your interest on our smart page.


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