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Three simple steps to more energy-efficient manufacturing

2nd October 2019

In our free guide to energy efficiency in manufacturing, you’ll find useful tips to help your organisation streamline its power consumption – and, potentially, significantly reduce your fuel bills.

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Manufacturing has already played a big role in cutting the UK’s carbon footprint. Since 1990, lower fuel consumption by business and, mostly, industry has been responsible for about 31% of the reduction in UK greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

However, an article in The Guardian earlier this year revealed a more complex picture. “Emissions dropped for the sixth year running in 2018… the estimated 1.5% decline last year was considerably smaller than the 3.2% fall in 2017 and the 8.7% drop in 2014.”

So, there’s still a lot that manufacturing can do to reduce its emissions. The good news for manufacturers is that it’s possible to implement changes at little or no extra cost – and may even lead to cost reductions.

Here are just three easy-to-implement energy saving tips that your manufacturing business can introduce today:

1. Turn your heating down

Reducing your factory thermostat temperature by just a single degree can help cut heating costs by as much as 8% – while also reducing your GHG emissions.

2. Turn off your compressors

A compressor that you leave switched on yet idle can still use 40% of its full load. So, turning off unused compressors saves you money and has a positive impact on your carbon footprint.

3. Clean your windows and skylights

Where it’s safe to do so, switching off lights and allowing your employees to work in natural daylight will, of course, also improve your energy efficiency. You’ll be surprised how much extra light you can gain by regularly cleaning your externally facing windows and skylights.

Now that you’re on a roll, get everyone on board and take your company’s energy saving to the next level. To help. you’ll discover many more money and planet-saving tips in our free guide to energy efficiency: Manufacturing. We’ve produced it by drawing on reports from The Carbon Trust, a not-for-profit company supporting the UK’s move to a low carbon economy.

This free guide shows how you can help the UK meet its commitment to fight climate change – while also cutting your costs. It makes perfect financial and ecological sense.

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