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Is it time to fix your business energy?

24th September 2018

With energy market volatility continuing, could now be the right time for your business to fix energy prices?

A fixed point in a volatile market

As the electricity market continues to experience volatility, and with the approach of Brexit causing ever greater uncertainty, many businesses are opting to fix their costs.

Choosing a fixed rate electricity contract reduces your organisation’s vulnerability to unexpected budget shocks, gives you greater certainty about your energy prices, and the ability to manage your budget more effectively.

If you’re thinking of fixing your prices, it’s worth considering that more volatility and cost increases are potentially on the horizon. Here are some ways we can help when you decide you’re ready to fix your costs:

Choose your period

With Haven Power, businesses can choose from a range of fixed rate products that can be as short as 1 year and as long as 5 years. So you can reduce your vulnerability to price rises for the period of time that suits you best.

Sign now, Fix later

If you think there’s still room for downward movement in energy prices, you can choose Haven Power’s “Sign now, Fix later” option. This allows you to sign up for a fixed rate electricity deal now, but not commit to a unit price any time up to two weeks before your contract begins.

That means you can get the necessary paperwork in motion now and then confirm when you’re ready to fix.

Save £100 when you sign up for an energy deal now

Haven Power believes in giving customers something extra wherever possible, whether that’s in the quality of customer service or something more tangible. In this latter category, you can qualify for a special bonus if you switch your business to an energy deal with Haven Power by the end of September 2018. That’s because we’re giving all new customers who join us before then a credit of £100 on their account. It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing Haven Power.

If you’d like to discover how Haven Power can help your business find a better use of energy, please get in touch using our contact form.

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