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Utilities Procurement Group – Case Study

23rd February 2018

UPG (Utilities Procurement Group) is an energy consultancy that uses its specialist experience to procure energy for public sector bodies and large commercial organisations. Like many consultancies in the industry, UPG likes to engage with a range of energy suppliers - as it has done with Haven Power, since 2011.

Why does UPG work with Haven Power?

James Clancy, Assistant Director at UPG, has enjoyed a good relationship with the national supplier for over a decade. His initial reasons for making the connection remain true today, as he explains: "It's all about a favourable combination of price and service. Haven Power provides market-leading prices and a high level of on-going support, handles bespoke requirements and is able to issue accurate bills for complex energy contracts."

For James, another deciding factor is Haven Power's commitment to renewable energy. As part of Drax Group, the company sources the majority of its power from Drax Power Station, based in North Yorkshire. Two-thirds of the power station has been upgraded to use sustainable biomass (wood pellets) from coal and now produces around 12% of the UK's renewable power.

As the largest single site renewable power generator in the UK, it produces enough renewable electricity for four million households. In turn, James believes that Haven Power has the best "environmental credentials" and is the "leading renewable provider" in the UK.

What about Haven Power's new connections?

UPG has brought a large number of major new connection to Haven Power over this time, and James says the new connections process is both "excellent and simple". He also sees it as "more straightforward than the new connections I've completed with other suppliers".

James points out that the company's new connections form is simple to complete yet comprehensive, and "takes out much of the hassle" of the process. The design allows UPG to fill out most of the form, so that its own customer has only a few parts to complete. In his opinion, other suppliers omit some of these details at the start of the process, so there's "more backwards and forwards" later on.

In addition, as soon as UPG submits the form to Haven Power, the company is "straight on to it and quick to respond - with great flexibility on scheduling too." James adds, "The members of Haven Power's new connections team are really patient and great at communicating with all of the parties involved, from MOPs [meter operators] to DNOs [Distribution Network Operators]."

As many in the industry know, the complexities of a switch and/or the number of people involved can mean that appointments have to be rearranged several times. James explains that, at Haven Power, Debbie Jameson always goes "above and beyond what's needed to get the job done" and praises Billy Pryke "for great account management". He also mentions Nikki Brown, UPG's Customers Service Advisor at Haven Power, for dealing with the day-to-day running of the account and "putting up with our requests!"

What's next?

While many of UPG's customers are public sector, and have specific frameworks in place, they also have several private sector clients. in both cases, James knows that Haven Power has the expertise, experience and resources to deal with a variety of scenarios.

And he's fully expecting to share future opportunities with the provider: "We're definitely looking to continue working with Haven Power, which is a first choice supplier for us and for our customers."

For more information about new connections, please get in touch with Haven Power by calling 01473 725943 or email

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