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Where does Haven Power’s electricity come from?

1st July 2020

As one of the UK’s leading electricity suppliers to large businesses, we’re proud to partner with leading organisations across the UK to provide certified, clean electricity, helping our customers to meet their sustainability goals. But where does our electricity come from?

Generators and power stations across the country generate electricity which travels across the national grid and helps to power businesses and homes.

To help customers better understand which energy sources contribute to the generation of their electricity, Ofgem has made it a mandatory licence condition that energy suppliers declare what is known as their Fuel Mix Disclosure (FMD), announced on 1st October each year. The FMD covers the previous reporting period, which runs from April 1st to March 31st.

Fuel Mix Disclosures help to provide clarity for customers, making it clear which energy sources have contributed to the electricity provided by their energy supplier.

Where does our electricity come from?

From small-scale wind turbines to large arrays of solar panels and a handful of hydroelectric, we work with generators of all sizes to help bring cleaner energy to our customers.


Electricity generators are provided with a government certificate as evidence that they’ve produced renewable energy. These certificates have different names; European certificates are known as Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs), though REGOs are known as Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) in the UK.

We work with over 2,300 independent renewable generators from all over the country, helping them to get their clean energy to market, and these certificates are passed to us as proof that the power we’ve supplied to our customers comes from a sustainable, renewable source.

Haven Power offers renewable electricity as standard. This is backed by renewable certificates and independently verified by an independent third party, EcoAct.

Part of something bigger

We’re part of Drax, the UK’s largest provider UK’s largest provider of renewable electricity. Drax also plays a significant role in helping to meet the UK’s energy demand, generating enough clean electricity to power millions of homes and businesses across the country.

As part of Drax, we’re committed to ensuring a lower cost, zero carbon energy future - for our customers and for the country. Sustainably sourced biomass plays an important role in helping Drax to provide clean power, supporting the further integration of intermittent renewable technologies (such as wind and solar) into the energy network.

Biomass and sustainability

The biomass that’s included in our FMD is the sustainable biomass used at Drax’s Yorkshire power station. Biomass is used for power generation in the same way as coal, but with much lower associated carbon emissions.

The biomass used by Drax is sourced from responsibly managed working forests in the US, Canada, Europe and Brazil. Drax reports on the carbon emissions from its biomass supply chain to Ofgem; overall, generating power with biomass at Drax is over 80% lower carbon than coal and over 60% lower carbon than gas.

There is also scientific consensus - including the UN’s climate change body, the IPCC - that the carbon emitted by biomass power generation is carbon neutral, and once supply chain emissions are counted, biomass is classed as low carbon.

Thanks to Drax’s pioneering BECCS project, the power station is aiming to go beyond carbon neutral and become carbon negative, storing more carbon dioxide than it releases over its lifecycle.

We’re proud to help businesses across the UK to realise their sustainability goals, partnering with leading organisations across the country to provide renewable energy as well as offering expert insight and support around our customers’ energy strategies.

To find out more about how Haven Power can help support your business meet its sustainability goals, get in touch today.

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