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PAC calls for urgent action on gap in decarbonisation plans

The public accounts committee (PAC) has warned that the halting of carbon capture and storage (CCS) deployment will mean that the UK will have to pay billions of pounds more to hit decarbonisation targets.

In a report, issued on Friday 28 April, the PAC said that there was now a “major gap” in the government’s decarbonisation plans, urging the government to set out as soon as possible how the gap will be filled. Halting of CCS has led to “missed opportunities” to be at the forefront of a growing global industry and has damaged investor confidence for working with the government on CCS in future.

The committee also cautioned that the decision to bring the second CCS commercialisation competition to an early end was the latest in a series of decisions that suggest the Treasury is having “undue influence” on the government’s energy policy.

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