Biomass Renewable Electricity

We’re committed to offering you 100% reliable, affordable renewable electricity.

A renewable energy option is available for all of our products.

Why go renewable?

We believe that being more sustainable can be good for the environment and also good for your business.

If your organisation values suppliers that offer a sustainable product or service, it is likely that your procurement decisions factor in the environmental policies of your chosen partners.

Using biomass renewable electricity is just one way that your business can decrease its carbon footprint, contribute to a low carbon economy, and help tackle climate change.

What is biomass?

Biomass, in the form of responsibly sourced compressed wood pellets, is a modern and reliable renewable energy source.

Using the latest technology, electricity generators can be upgraded from coal to sustainable biomass.

At Haven Power, we source the majority of our electricity from Drax Power Station, which generates 16% of Great Britain’s renewable power and is the single largest renewable energy generator in the UK. To achieve this, Drax upgraded and converted three of its generation units to use compressed wood pellets instead of coal.

Drax sources low-grade and low-value wood from working forests that grow back and stay as forests. It then processes and compresses the wood into small high-density pellets. Millions of pellets at a time are transported by ships and trains – minimising the cost and environmental impact.

Did you know?

Drax only works with suppliers that pass tough independent screening and sustainability audits.

Why biomass?

Drax’s sustainably sourced biomass electricity, supplied to our customers, is over 80% lower carbon than coal – even when taking carbon dioxide emissions from the fuel’s extraction, manufacturing and transportation into account. The low carbon footprint of sustainable biomass is calculated through the UK government’s Solid and Gaseous Biomass Carbon Calculator, backed by the Renewables Obligation. Based on this we calculate our electricity using biomass produces a carbon footprint of over 80% lower than coal. Drax reports comprehensive supply chain data to Ofgem.

Wind and solar energy have the potential to take a bigger role in Britain’s energy mix. Studies indicate that to do so, they need to be accompanied by reliable, flexible power generation technologies that can be turned up or down to fill gaps when the sun isn’t shining and the wind’s not blowing. Our high-density wood pellets can provide a fast, effective and affordable route to a lower carbon future.

Did you know?

Drax’s on-time and on-budget biomass upgrade involved work with its port and rail partners to build wood pellet distribution terminals on the east and west coasts of England – Hull, Tyne, Immingham and Liverpool – routing fuel from ships for onward delivery by 225 specially-designed rail wagons.

Looking to the future?


Coal still provides 9% of Great Britain’s electricity, despite being widely seen as a fossil fuel of the past that’s damaging to our environment.

For the sake of future generations, Britain is moving away from coal – the government and power industry plan to phase it out by 2025.

Haven Power and Drax Group are playing a vital role in helping change the way energy is generated, supplied and used as the UK moves to a low carbon future. We believe coal to biomass conversions can provide reliable route to a low carbon and affordable energy system.

Did you know?

We can offer you reliable REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) backed biomass renewable electricity.