Smart meters / Smart meter data

Smart meter data

We keep your smart meter data secure and don't store your personal info. Find out more below:

No storage of personal information

Your smart meter has information about how much electricity you’ve used, and your information is always kept secure.

There are strict controls on your data and who can access it. Additionally, we must make you aware in advance if we intend to use your data for any purpose, and make it possible for you to opt out at any time.

It’s your data

You own the stored data that relates to your usage – only you, and those who need access to this information to fulfil their contractual obligations, can see it.

In addition, we must ensure that you – or your nominated agent – has timely access to the consumption data stored in the smart meter at your premises.

Secure systems and transmissions

Smart meters use their own secure, wireless network using radio waves, just like mobile phones. Smart meters don't use the internet to send or receive data and you don't need an internet connection for it to work.

Privacy policy

We take the security of your data seriously and have a clear privacy notice.

If you have more questions on smart meters, see out FAQ below.

Smart meter FAQs